Electric Sheep News October 2023

The latest news round-up from Electric Sheep: AI article in TVBEurope, interview with postPerspective at IBC2023 & TPN endorsement.

Electric Sheep News
October 2023

Welcome to this month's newsletter:

  • Gary Palmer was invited to give his opinion on AI in a creative context in the leading European broadcast publication, TVBEurope.
  • Richie Murray was interviewed by US-based, postPerspective publication which serves the post production and production communities.
  • We are proud to be endorsed by the Trust Partner Network, having secured top marks on our security assessment.

Gary talks to TVBEurope about computationally assisted creativity and AI, and how this aligns with the 2030 cloud vision of MovieLabs. Read the full insightful article here.

“We want to empower not just the artists but also the producers so they can understand and forecast their rotoscoping work” explains Richie Murray as he sheds more light on new AI tools for VFX in this postPerspective video. Watch here.

We are proud to be endorsed by the TPN as a gold badged cloud-based vendor. TPN, wholly owned by the Motion Picture Association, is committed to building and supporting a strong community network dedicated to keeping content safe.

With a CTO who originates from fintech, security has always been front and centre for Electric Sheep. Indeed, the proof is in the pudding - we got full marks on the audit, with one non-applicable remediation.